our team

Our team is made up of top-notch talent led by Dhruv Sringari who is a middle school student in Methacton School District. We are focused on innovation, creativity, and user-focused design and interaction.

We will offer many mobile apps designed with small business in mind. Everything you need to run your business effectively & efficiently.


"This nifty app changed the way I run my Amway business. Now, instead of spending a lot of time looking over the catalogs and price lists, I can confidently use this app to calculate my totals!

- Diamond IBO


"This app satisfies my need to be efficient while running my business. I like the email feature to send PV/BV totals to the purchaser

- Emerald IBO

"This app saves me so much time and hassle when I am buying products at a PASE meeting! Great to know I can use Square® cash as a payment method."

- Core IBO


our FUTURE Apps


You can SCAN or SEARCH for Amway products using SKU or NAME. You can view the APP as an IBO or Customer. You can set Sales tax applicable in your area and assign tax to an item. App calculates Total cost and Total PV/BV. You can accept cash/check/credit card/Square® cash. You can email the details of the transaction to the purchaser with a copy to you. You can use that email to transfer PV/BV to the purchasing IBO. Intuitive and Simple to use!


         SAVES YOU TIME.


This app saves your time. It quickly scans and searches for Amway Products so you can easily purchase them or sell them with peace of mind! App handles the products so you can focus on People!